After a long process of challenging moments in this hard times for each one of us, it is finally finished and ready! My 1st album.

It was not easy at all, but I believe in the saying that all good things need time and patience.

After all the texts of the songs were waiting for so long...too looong, but now I`m happy that I managed to play and record all the instruments and vocals by myself, with a special help from Balu (my blues brother) who recorded the bluesy harmonica.

I would like to thank also the professional and friendly approach for the final mixing and mastering done by Basement Studios.

A crazy acoustic experience that I`m happy to share with you all... at least as a shorter preview/prelisten of all the songs that are soon going to be available online on all major platforms!

I can´t wait to play again Live and enjoy the music together with each one of  you.

Peace & Love


Have a listen